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Imp Ores of Metals, Industrial Names of Chemical compounds-Chemistry|GS

Ores of important metals and Industrial names of chemical compounds: These are one of the important topics in the chemistry. Click here for General Knowledge and Static GK capsule  Click here for General science   Important Ores Calcium Flourspar limestone Gypsum Asbestos Calcite Magnesium Dolomite Magnesite Brucite Carnalite Olivine Epsom salt Iron Hematite Magnetite Geothite Limonite […]

General Science-Physics| Newton’s Laws

Hi viewers, Welcome to We have written General science in Q&A type in our website. Click on general science category, to see all posts. This page contains questions asked from newton’s laws of motions and their examples. Click here – Important inventions & science instruments list Newton’s Laws 1) Which law is associated with Law of […]

Important Inventions, Instruments-Physics

Welcome to all Government Jobs aspirants. Important Inventions and Instruments are listed here. Click here for Newton’s Laws questions & answers Important Inventions and Discoveries Barometer- Evangelista Torricelli Cinema-Nicolas and Jean Lumiere Camera- Edwin T Holmes Atomic bomb- J Robert Oppenheimer Bicycle- Macmillan Battery- Alessandro Volta Mechanical clock- I-Hsing and Liang Ling-Tsan Dynamo- Hypolite pixil […]

Matter and Its States-Chemistry

Matter- It is everything that occupies space. Solids Liquids Gases 1)Sublimation: It is Process of conversion of solid to gas Examples: Camphor, Naphthalene, Ammonium chloride 2)Evaporation:It is  Process of conversion of Liquid to gas Examples: Nail polish, While cooking you observe flames 3)Condensation: It is process of conversion of gas to liquid Examples: Fog, clouds […]

Transformation of Energy-Physics General science

In most of the exams, 2-3 questions are covered from transformation of energy. so list of transformations are available below. Transformation of Energy Battery- chemical energy to mechanical energy Motor- electrical energy to mechanical energy Fan- electrical energy to mechanical energy TV- Electric energy to sound and light energy Inverter- DC to AC Rectifier- AC to DC Transformer- […]

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